RevivalStory In-Game Rules


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To keep RevivalStory a fun, comfortable, and safe place, we set the following rules. Please follow them and remember to have fun!!

1. Hacking/cheating is not allowed.
If you see someone hacking, please report this to the staff.

2. Botting and using macros is not allowed.

3. Abusing bugs, glitches or exploits is not allowed.
You shouldn't withhold bugs/exploits from the developers. If you find one you must report it.

4. Account theft is not allowed.

5. Account sharing is not allowed.

6. Scamming is not allowed.

7. Harassment in any way is not allowed.

8. Impersonating staff is not allowed.

9. Insulting or inappropriate character names are not allowed.
Think about names that could be hateful, offensive, racist, etc.

10. Any and all transactions that occur outside of RevivalStory fall under this rule.
No real transactions allowed, not for items, not for leeching, or anything else for that matter.

If you see someone breaking any of these rules, please take a screenshot and report it at Report a Player. Bugs, glitches and exploits must be reported to the developers at Tespia in Bugs section.