Who can I reach out to? To get unbanned from discord.


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As the title states, who can I reach out to? To get unbanned from discord.
I was a lame as fuck kid that decided to joke around and troll.

Jokes aside and you can see from my posts on the forums here, I'm a keen gamer for this private server. I'm happy to see how things are progressing. I wanted to apologise for my most disgusting behaviour upon discord, I believe I was banned from streaming another private server via game capture through discord.

Please find it in your lovely hearts to believe me when I say I'm here to stay.
You can judge me on my forum posts, I have been honest and truthful about this server.

When the downtime was occuring I was just being a plain dickhead.
I would like to see whats going on with the server announcements and be able to interact with other members of the community and also the market place.

~ Please find it in your heart.


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Here is a user that should be perm banned for your discord.

Can I get an unban from the discord please.
Viewing the server from web discord and can't interact ;/