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I was bored while waiting for RevivalStory to re-release so I decided to make a Discord bot while I wait.

I really like this server and think that it will succeed after wacky irons out all the issues which seemingly the major ones already have been, so I wanted to make something that will at least enrich my own life while I play this server.

One of the major issues I have is website-based libraries for MSPS, and Discord is something that I use 24/7, so I made a bot that acts as a library for me for ease of use. I wanted to share this with the rest of the community in case someone else out there wants the same thing, so here you guys go. I don't have a public server to invite anyone to use this bot, so if you wish to use the bot, you can make your own Discord server and add this bot there by going to the link below.

Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

I also made the bot's code public in case anyone wanted to see it, and there are also examples of the bot on the GitHub page here: thewallacems/Revive

Some things that I did add but aren't public in the bot are online count tracking and individual player level tracking, but those are abstracted out of the public code for now while I fix them up for the official release and they aren't really needed right now while the server is down.

Have a great day maplers! If you happen to use this bot and have any feature requests or suggestions, please let me know in this thread or ping me on Discord @wallace#0828

Special thanks to wirt and rofl for QA testing my bot.