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First of all...
Welcome to RevivalStory's forum!!

The forum is a great place to stay up-to-date regarding the server's latest changes and information updates. Please feel free to post questions, share your thoughts and be in touch with fellow Maplers!

To provide a safe and family friendly environment for all the RevivalStory fans of all ages and cultures there are some rules we require you to follow. These rules are a general guide about what we do and do not expect from members. As you can see it’s not a radical list and the moderators of our forums will sometimes make a decision independent of the rules.


Be kind and polite

Treat your fellow members how you want to be treated. Every member deserves to be treated with respect and please do your best to create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in.

Think before posting
Please take a moment to think before you do something that might insult someone.

Post in relevant section(s)
Posting in the most relevant section of our forums will ensure threads are seen by members interested in the same subject. Threads that are posted in the wrong section will be moved by the moderators.

Remain on topic
Threads should remain at their meant subject. If you want to talk about something else you should make a new thread for a new discussion.

Report content
If you see something that is breaking our rules, please use the report system to alert the staff.


Do not intentionally insult other members of the forum. Also, do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. This includes encouraging it.

Post inappropriate content

As a family friendly forum we require that all content posted on the forum is suitable for people of all ages, this includes words, videos and pictures.

Spam is a post that has no value to the discussion/thread.

Talk in foreign language
All forum posts must be written in English because we cannot moderate languages we do not understand.

Do not use the RevivalStory forum for advertising. Commercial activities are not permitted and will result in a ban.

The following topics are off limits:
- Porn or anything not safe for work.
- Racism or discrimination
- Religious and political topics

When a member breaks a rule a moderator will issue a warning. The warning can be formal and informal. A formal warning will issue a warning point. If you think the warning has been given out without a valid reason, you can always contact the staff member who issued the warning in private.

Any questions or concerns regarding the rules should be directed to the forum staff via private message, Discord DM, the Support page, or Contact us.