Expand the white and pink hair colours


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I thought it'd be cool to get the exclusive white and pink hair colour variation for other hairstyles, such as the Metrosexual hair (male) and the Caspia hair (female).


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That would be cool. I thought this was in the game already?
oh is it? I went by the guilded.gg list, and I didn't see it.

5. Exclusive Pink and White Hairstyles!

The following hairstyles can be turned into Pink/White. Just get a hairstyle coupon from the cash shop and try your luck at any hair salon! There is approximately a 1/10 chance to get a pink or white hair style.

all-back - 3007

fantasy - 3010
antagonist - 3013


pei pei - 3114
rose - 3123
bowlcut fem - 3125


Currently there are indeed only a few hairstyles that can be colored white and pink, link Affinity mentioned. Some people weren't aware of this and wasted tons of NX! (not pointing fingers) And YES I'm all with you on the suggestion!