Buff Rangers!


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Rangers Inferno got buffed in terms of tick dmg but it only affects mobs hit with it and its only kinda useful if you are able to avoid dmg and be on a safe platform and inferno n tick away like poison...(maybe add like burning floor so that the fire stays on the floor and when mobs walk into it they burn?)
at least Snipers freezing arrow is viable and always freezes meanwhile our inferno is super situational to the point where u might as well just bomb and stun them so that you can take 0 dmg...

Archers are also hard to balance as they are not good DPS wise and not good at mobility (good job buffing thrust lvl 1 helps alot) this is harder to balance as a whole as archers are generally build this way sadly... our dmg are also very inconsistent even thou we can crit hard but if we dont crit we tickle them...
As a summary I hope wacky and Rath can consider buffing rangers a little dmg a little ( can be mastery up so that our dmg is more consistent and higher) as well as Inferno so that its more viable (inferno cant burn bosses as well its kinda irrelevant to add).. :D
Hope you can consider our cries as archers..
Thanks have a GOOD DAY to whoever reads this!



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How interesting. I didn't know bowmen were in a tough spot. I'd like to know the opinions of everyone else for this topic as well.