[BLOG] Introduction and Hair Update - "New" Hairstyles and Colors


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Hi Maplers!

As this is my very first post as a staff member, I believe an introduction is in order - Hi! I'm Jess a.k.a. eGoddess. I'm an automation software engineer IRL. I love front-end development but also do some back-end, database, and DevOps development as well. I'm also a self-taught image editor so I know my way around GIMP. I'm super excited and humble to be a part of this development team and eager to join the effort in bringing the golden days of MapleStory back!

Now onto the fun stuff!

"New" Hairstyles
If you're like me, then changing your hairstyle and hair color in MapleStory was one of your favorite things to do - saving up lunch money to spend on NX Cash, buying EXP hair coupons until I got the one I wanted or went broke, being jealous of the cool hairstyles my friends got - these are some of my fondest memories of Maple.

But MapleStory v12 did not have very many hair options! In total, there are 40 female hairstyles and 35 male hairstyles. However, did you know that there are an extra 5 hidden male hairstyles that Maple never released? That's right: Zeta, All Back, Military Buzzcut, Mohawk, and Fantasy were all hairstyles that existed in the game, but were never made visible by Nexon. These special hairstyles only came in one or very few colors. Here's what the originals looked like:


We looked at this and thought - why not create the missing colors ourselves and add them to the game? Well that's exactly what we did! Here's a sneak peak of the recolor of All Back:


All Back
Note: This is still a work in progress, actual colors may differ
This hairstyle only existed in the original game in the yellow shade. All other colors shown above are simply recolors of the yellow version. All 5 special hairstyles will be available in every color in an upcoming update.

There's also talks of adding more hairstyles from more recent (but still old school) versions to the game. Stay tuned for more updates on that in the future.

NOTE: Special hairstyles will be EXP only. Stay tuned for a future post explaining which hairstyles are available at which maps as well as which hairstyles will be EXP or VIP.

New Hair Colors

Shifting topics onto hair colors, we all know the 8 classic MapleStory hair colors that exist (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Brown), but did you know that we can add even more colors? That's right, there could potentially be 2 brand new hair colors that will be introduced to RevivalStory. Which 2 colors? Well that's where you come in!

Picture this: imagine your favorite hairstyle in MapleStory, now picture it in your favorite color - yes, any color you want! Pink? Teal? Forest green? The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for a poll on what new hair colors you would like to see. The top 2 will be added as new permanent colors for every hairstyle. This will not be a quick process, but definitely something to look forward to!

NOTE: New hair colors will be EXP only.

This concludes my little update. Again, I'm super excited to be working on RevivalStory and I'm eager to bring this vision to life. Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback - I'd love to hear it!