Activity status


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Hello all,

I wanted to ask you how active Revivalstory is at the moment and if it is worthwhile to get started.


its been more active this summer, even right now there's like ~10 people on discord group call haha
uhh 20-30 players it seems.
I would check the discord for more details.


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The discord is more active than the forums mostly. As for worthwhile, it depends on what you are looking for. The non-leeching environment at least makes every level you do feel genuine which sure does feel worthwhile to me.

Then again, it's a 1x server at heart and will take some effort to accomplish what you are set to do. This server is stable in the way that it's been online for almost 3 years. Some players take long breaks only to come back a while later to pick up where they left off which makes their effort not go to waste either, so there's that.